Who Are We

AFKAR For Educational & Cultural Development is a Palestinian non-governmental organization founded to provide measures, empowerment and capacity building for students to meet the ever-increasing challenges and needs of education and culture in the Palestinian society. Since its establishment, AFKAR has primarily been working on two pillars:
1- Students’ capacity building to be future proactive leaders, equipped with HRE (Human Rights Education), democracy and good governance values.
2- Capacity building for educational and cultural partners to enhance a safe, creative, participatory and qualitative educational environment.

AFKAR is supervised by a dedicated administrative board of academics, educators, lawyers and human rights activists who show expedient impact and positive change on policies and decision making in their own fields.
AFKAR is also run by persevering, motivated staff, determined to be agents of change.



برومو مؤسسة أفكار للتطوير التربوي والثقافي