MoU Signing Ceremony Between the Ministry of Education and AFKAR

MoU Signing Ceremony Between the Ministry of Education and AFKAR

Ramallah, Palestine, 16th January 2013. AFKAR for Educational and Cultural Development and the Palestinian Ministry of Education (MoE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for reinforcing partnership between the two parties towards building a better future for our students, teachers and supervisors all over the country. The MoU reinforces this partnership to provide, update tools, quality services and procedures and initiatives presented to students and all educational parties. Accordingly, the MoE sees AFKAR as the main partner to execute and disseminate Debate forum program in schools. The MoU also includes capacity building, participatory approach implementation and excessive use of high intellectual skills, primarily, critical and logical thinking and scientific research methodology and enrich the Palestinian curriculum with effective tools.

For the signing ceremony, the MoE was represented by the Minister of Education, Ms. Lamis Al-Alami, while AFKAR was represented by AFKAR admin Board, Mr. Samir Shalaldeh.

“I appreciate AFKAR’s efforts in supporting the educational sector and I make sure that students and teachers would benefit a lot from such an original and creative program”, Ms. AL-ALami declared. At the same time, she emphasized that education is a common social responsibility, which is not exclusive to any specific party whatsoever. This requires involving all parties to support this vital sector.

On the other hand, and on his behalf, Mr. Shalaldeh praised the Ministry’s efforts in supporting education in Palestine, taking care of young generations, and providing them with certain skills and expertise, in addition to the teachers’ role in schools, who believe in education to be one of the pillars to social development.

Mr. Shalaldeh clarified that this MoU is integrated within the partnership between AFKAR and the Ministry to emphasize the roles of both parties in stimulating dialogue and discussion values inside public schools, and upgrading qualitative services regarding debate. Mr. Shalaldeh added that PDFC reflects the true partnership between the Ministry and other NGOs to guarantee a bright future for all Palestinian students.

Director General of Student Activities in the Ministry of Education, Ms. Ilham Abdul Qader, stressed the importance of capacity building for students, especially in debate skills, for it achieves educational, learning and social goals, refines students’ characters, provides the latter with new and qualitative experiences which enable them to respect the other point of view, and skills related to listening, constructive discussions, and dealing with other responses wisely and objectively, depending on scientific methodologies and proven statements and resources.

Ms. Abdul Qader also explained how the Public Administration of Student Activities shows great interest in such programs, which expose the students’ originality and creativity. The public administration strives to continue implementing the program in partnership with AFKAR in new schools and sustain it in previous involved schools.

It is pointed out that by terms of the MoU, the work will initiate starting the second scholastic semester 2012/2013, which is already taking place, till the end of the scholastic year 2013/2014. The MoU is renewable by mutual agreement. It consists of many articles aiming to implement qualitative activities and events, harmoniously with the Ministry’s policies.

It is worth mentioning that on the behalf of the ministry Director General of International and Public Relations, Mr. Jihad Dureidi, Director General of the Secretary, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Fattah, and Director of Educational Media, Mr. Abdul Hakim Abu Jamus have attended the ceremony whereas on AFKAR’s side the Director General, Mr. Odeh Zahran, Member of Board, Mrs. Raida Shuaibi and Administrative Assistant, Hadil Rishmawi have presented the organization.



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