"AFKAR" Implements Roles Balance Program in summer camps-2014

In Corporation with the Ministry of
Social Affairs

Implements Roles Balance Program in summer camps-2014

Ramallah - AFKAR for Educational and
Cultural Development has implemented its yearly program Roles Balance in the last two months, targeting 8
summer camps in 8 different governorates including Jerusalem, in corporation
with the Ministry of Social Affairs and funded by Rosa Luxemburg for the year

AFKAR and in corporation with MOSA
targeted the following 
governorates: Jenin, Tubas, Jerusalem, Jericho, south of
Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Tulkarm by performing two different thematic
sketches around issues and social problems inside the Palestinian society, targeting
children between 10-15 years old. In order to provide a room for those children
to talk and act freely, AFKAR is trying to create a safe and healthy environment
to allow the children to think deeply and analyze those issues to figure out
some solutions.

The program, which is implemented through
dramatic scenes, sheds lights on social problems in the Palestinian community
as "early marriage" and "domestic violence" through showing
theatrical sketches by the actors for the children and which embodies a
specific problem. However, it doesn't offer a solution for those problems, but rather they stimulate kids to find out appropriate solutions for those issues through
exchanging roles between the actors and the targeted children.

Hussam Al-shuaibe, the coordinator
of the program mentioned that those kinds of programs provide a healthy space
for those kids to talk freely and offer a good environment to figure out some
solutions for their daily problems which work on promoting dialogue overcoming
the language of force.

Moreover, he said that the main idea
of that kind of programs is to discuss issues which face those kids through taking
the role of  some characters such as
mother, father, sister, brother, teachers and friends.

Manal Farah, head of Al-Israa Development
Charity said that such activaties motivate kids to think deeply and
effectively. Moreover may build their personality to strengthen their personal
abilities to be decision makers. Ms. Farah thanked AFKAR and its staff for
their tireless efforts.         

It is worth mentioning that "Roles
Balance," is an integral part of the main program of the AFKAR "National
Debate Championship", which aims at exposing students and young leaders in
the community to a new culture of dialogue, posing fundamental pillars for
students to understand their roles, responsibilities and duties in society.



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